(Review originally written at 16 April 2010)

Let starting American film-makers with limited resources and finances take some notes from this movie. One thing that this movie does very well is that it's fun to watch, due to the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously. When you're making a movie of this sort with only the available resources at hand, this is a very important thing to do. You don't necessarily need to become a parody of the genre but take into consideration what the viewers want and expect from a movie like this; some pure simple fun entertainment, with some gore thrown into it.

But having said that, "Død snø" itself is obviously also far from a flawless picture. It mainly benefits from the fact that it has a greatly awesome concept and some nice scenery to shoot the movie in.

One thing that the movie doesn't do very well is its storytelling. The movie doesn't really put the emphasis on its characters very well. The one moment in concentrates for 10 minutes on one or two of the characters and than it suddenly cuts to others, without given a clear view of what happened in between all with all of those characters. It doesn't feel too consistent all and we as the viewers start to loose track on some of the characters.

It also isn't being a very consistent movie with its approach. The movie starts of as an usual typical horror movie, in which a bunch of people gets visited by the undead. It's pretty much being a straight-forward horror flick. A fun one that doesn't take itself too heavily but pretty much straight-forward stuff nevertheless. It had a pretty much realistic approach. In it's last halve hour however the movie suddenly goes way over-the-top and becomes more like a "Shaun of the Dead" type of zombie horror-comedy, with all of the blood and gore but also some over-the-top comedy and far from likely moments. It's fun but it just doesn't feel very consistent with the rest of the movie, as if the film-makers during production decided to suddenly take a different, more comical approach with its movie.

It's a movie with some nice scenery and good locations for a movie of this type. It's also rather good looking, even though I would imaging that it didn't had the highest budget to work with. There is really plenty of gore and graphic moments in the movie, though it also all gave me the impression that the movie was being simply gory and shocking purely for the sake of being gory.

But despite all of these complaints, "Død snø" remains a movie that deserves plenty of credit and is still a great movie to watch for the lovers of the genre and is entertaining to watch for basically everyone else as well.


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