(Review originally written at 12 January 2011)

You might expect lots of fun from a movie called "Day of the Animals", that features a story about animals turning against humans, due to a sudden discovered problem with the ozone-layer (yeah don't ask, still not sure how that works in this movie). But the movie is a bit of a disappointment, since very little is actually happening in it. It's a real lackluster, that only becomes mildly interesting when the Leslie Nielsen character for some reason suddenly becomes crazy mad.

Seriously, Leslie Nielsen's role in this movie is more hilarious than any of the movies he did in the last couple of years. And he is not even playing his character in this movie in a comedy-like way but he's playing it completely straight and serious, which really makes it all the more hilarious.

But other than that, this is a really uninteresting genre movie to watch, that absolutely has nothing special in it. It's not the worst movie in its genre but that is because it is not being the most ridicules one. There is just far too little happening for that to become so.

It really takes a long time before there is finally something happening in the movie and when it does, it's over before you know it. Surely they could had done far more interesting with its concept of all kinds of animals attacking humans, despite of its obvious low budget. The moments in which the animals attack in this movie are not done well at all and absolutely do not work out and are often more laughable than anything else really. So perhaps it after all is not such a bad thing at all that there are actually being very little moments in which the animals attack.

The story really doesn't ever makes much sense but you just have to go along with it and don't think too much about anything that is happening, or else you will most likely be never able to finish watching this movie.

Really not much good about this movie, though it obviously could had all still been a lot worse.


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