(Review originally written at 26 October 2008)

The horror genre and ghost story movies in particular have become popular again recently over the years, with as a result that we are getting bombarded by dozens of genre movies every year. Some of them are good, most of them are mediocre and then there are also some that are plain awful. This one goes in the last category in my opinion. It's a movie in which often a lot is being implied but in the end it just never pays off, also due to the fact that the last minutes of the movie and the ending in particular is very confusing to watch.

It's a movie that tries to be like every other genre movie by putting in all of the usual ingredients and good suiting settings. Maybe the original concept in general did have some potential but is just doesn't ever really work out in the movie and instead the movie makes some bad choices, which makes this a very unlikely movie to watch as well.

Normally I'm not the type of guy who during a supernatural horror movie is complaining about the logic or anything in that trend but this movie its logic did disturbed me. I mean the whole way the two parents are behaving after their child went missing and mostly died really doesn't seem realistic to me. Instead of grieving and comforting each other they are looking for silly pointless clues in their house and take in a deceased girl in their home as if their are taking it for granted this girl suddenly showed up. It's a movie that annoyed me in parts, also not in the least because the movie obviously thinks that its being clever with its twists and story but instead it's bad and confusing since the movie often just isn't making any sense.

In the first halve of the movie a lot is being implied but very little is actually happening horror-wise. You know, it's the type of horror movie with a lot of false-scares in it. This might work two or three times within in a movie but when it's just constantly happening it becomes very ineffective and annoying as well after a short while.

Poor Sean Bean and Maria Bello. They probably thought they were starring in a big successful genre movie and they are being very serious with their acting within this movie but the storytelling and script in general instead makes it more laughable to watch at times that they are acting so totally serious the whole time when these odd and unlikely events are occurring. Not really their fault I would say and they just did basically everything they could to make something good out of this movie.

A totally pointless, bad and confusing, redundant genre movie to watch.


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