(Review originally written at 3 May 2007)

This is a rather odd and unusual type of movie, that is unique in its sort and somehow works out greatly as a comedy, despite having an average plot and average actors. There certainly is no other movie like this one! Thought the approach, concept and characters sometimes remind of "Young Frankenstein", which was made 7 years after this movie.

The movie is a comedy of the more subtle kind. Its humor is in its little things and nothing in the movie gets ever exaggerated too much to the point that it becomes ridicules or unbelievable. The movie is with some of its moments almost slapstick like. Also the characters are great comical characters and most of them are- and really look over-the-top.

The movie has a very special kind of surreal atmosphere over it. Despite it being a comedy, the movie feels and looks like a serious movie. This is mostly credited of course due to Roman Polanski's directing. This movie will certainly come as a surprise to persons who only know the more heavy dramatic and more serious and acclaimed movies from Polanski. It's actually hard to believe that Polanski's next movie after this one was "Rosemary's Baby"!

Polanski didn't only just wrote and directed this movie, he also plays one of the main characters. He plays the role effectively. Sharon Tate also does what she can do best; look beautiful but don't say an awful lot of lines. Polanski and Tate also became off screen lovers at the time of this movie and got married one year later. The many different accents of the many different foreign actors were a bit too much at times, though it's of course suiting for a vampire movie.

The movie obviously was meant as a spoof of the classic monster movies but due to its own unique style of film-making this movie doesn't ever feel as a spoof but instead as a comical movie on its own.

The story isn't the most exciting and there happens too little truly good or interesting in it really. It also isn't a movie with much 'intelligent' dialog in it, so the movie at times feel like an ever ongoing movie that isn't heading in one clear direction with one clear, interesting main plot line in it.

So no, it really isn't the best genre movie around but its unique style of film-making still make this a one of kind movie, that is very well worth watching.


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