(Review originally written at 29 January 2007)

This was a quite annoying and pointless little movie to watch. I liked the cast and director, so I decided to give this movie a shot but it ended up being an huge deception.

The movie and its storytelling was totally uninteresting. It's filled with a whole bunch of characters, that just don't amuse. I'm sorry but a couple of moronic characters who just stare and never have a decent conversation with each other is just not my idea of entertainment.

It's obvious that the movie has an overall message about family values in it but the way of storytelling, characters and dialog make sure that the message just doesn't come over. The message gets muddled in into the too thick style of film-making. Billy Bob Thornton tries to put a lot into the movie and tells the story subtle, in a Wes Anderson kind of way but none of it really works out. The movie instead is a boring one about nothing. It makes the movie extremely redundant.

Somewhere in its mess there still is a story about a family coming together again when the uncle gets accused of attempted murder. However the story gets abandoned often and totally forgotten time after time, until the moment when the movie suddenly gets back on track with its main plot line. It really doesn't make this the best constructed- or flowing movies.

The dialogs and sequences seems to be endless, because there isn't really anything happening in it. It gets highly annoying after a while and makes the movie very tiresome to watch.

What a waste of a fine cast. Billy Bob Thornton plays a typical Southern Billy Bob Thornton kind of character. Laura is pretty annoying as his wife and the rest of the characters are cast because of their looks and not for their acting skills, which I must say works out pretty well for the movie. Although, the characters in the movie are supposed to be family but not no one of them look like each other. It also does make the movie confusing at times. Jim Varney plays his final film-role in this movie. His role is entertaining, though short. Same can be said about Walton Goggins. Ben Affleck and Jamie Lee Curtis as two married lawyers are also pretty entertaining.

A boring and sometimes even annoying awkward little gem. I regret I've ever watched this movie.


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