(Review originally written at 28 December 2009)

No way that "Critters" is among the best movies that the genre has to offer but it's a sort of still good silly horror/science-fiction comedy in which a bunch of small creatures from outer space threaten a small town.

It obviously is not a movie that takes itself too serious, which is a good thing. It makes the movie fun and definitely entertaining to watch, from basically start till finish. But it also is a movie that has very little to offer. It of course is being far from original, for a comedy it perhaps isn't quite funny enough and for a horror/science-fiction it just isn't serious- and good enough all. It's the sort of movie you can easily do without but when you still decide to watch it you will have a good time nevertheless.

It's the first movie that got directed by Stephen Herek, a director who once started out as a promising director but has pretty much hit rock bottom by now and directs only straight to DVD stuff for the last couple of years now.

The movie also stars some young actors that are quite well known by now, like Scott Grimes and Billy Zane. All of the actors did a pretty good job by not taking their jobs so seriously in this movie. Especially Dee Wallace pretty much nailed the performance right as naive housewife.

All in all not a real great genre movie but through it's deliberate silliness the movie becomes a real enjoyable one to watch.


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