(Review originally written at 22 January 2007)

This was a good and enjoyable 'silly' comedy, that is filled with a whole bunch of crazy fun characters. A typical great '80's comedy, with also some great '80's comedy stars in it.

The movie is truly uplifted by its cast. Dan Aykroyd is really great. It's funny but I don't I've ever seen him play the main character before in a comedy. I already always liked him as the sidekick but with this movie he proofs that he can also handle a comedy in which he plays the main character. The movie also further more features Charles Grodin and Walter Matthau, among others. Esepcially Charles Grodin is also great as the stressed out psychiatrist. Walter Matthau seems a bit out of place, since his character doesn't serve a significant enough purpose in the movie, comical-wise.

The concept and the story show great comedy potential. An escaped 'menthal' patient takes the place of a psychiatrist. He and his radio show become an huge success. But of course soon things are starting to go crazy again when people start to see through his scam and the real psychiatrists shows up. It provides the movie with some great silly moments and some real great laughs. The movie made me laugh out loud at times, due to how silly it all became at times.

But things start to get really crazy toward the ending of the movie, in a not so positive way. The movie tries to put way too much in the ending, both comically and dramatic/morally. The movie gets very crazy and unbelievable and things get rushed way too hard. Even the characters start to not work out as good anymore. The movie tries too hard but it simply fails. The ending just doesn't feel right and satisfying enough. A shame, otherwise I would had surely rated this movie higher.

A movie definitely worth watching for a couple of good laughs but it just isn't the best 'silly' '80's comedy around.


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