(Review originally written at 18 March 2008)

The movie is basically a 'fan' movie, made with limited resources and shot with hand-held cameras. Only important differences between this and other fan movies is that this one got made by Mark Hamill, who of course has a bigger foot between the door than any other fanatic amateur film-maker. This means he got the right connections and the influence to get actors, film-makers and other persons such as Bruce Campbell, Ron Perlman, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Ray Harryhausen and Hugh Hefner involved. It's of course also the only reason why this movie ever got a DVD release, not that I mind though of course.

It's a fake documentary, so the movie does not really have a written story and actually features lots of improvisation. It of course nevertheless follows a main plot line, that is good and interesting enough to keep your interest throughout the entire movie. The movie goes on for a bit too long though perhaps and the movie feels rather stretched out at times.

It's nevertheless and nicely made and connected movie, with the right editing and camera-positioning for this sort of movie. Mark Hamill really did his homework for this one. It all really clicks together.

The movie is of course also made all the more interesting to watch because Mark Hamill himself plays the central character of the movie. Even though he doesn't appear in an awful lot of movies anymore, he still shows that he still knows how to act and he is also good with the improvisation parts.

Perfectly watchable fun little film.


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