(Review originally written at 22 September 2008)

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The idea of having a dentist poisoning a patient, who has an affair with his wife and then guessing that the person he would die the moment he is lying in bed with his wife is of course far fetched. On top of that he guesses that his wife would give the victim a margarita, so that he is given the full opportunity to let the murder look as if his wife committed it. He then also guesses after dumping the body that the police will track down his wife as the person the victim spend his last night with. The movie its plot is hanging together from its coincidences and it just doesn't make this the most likely Columbo movie to watch.

Otherwise it's a rather fine and enjoyable Columbo movie, that follows the usual formula. It has some nice relieving humor in it and despite its unlikely main plot this, this movie really isn't among the worst Columbo movies, from the long running popular and successful series starring Peter Falk.

The movie is being told in a good and pleasantly fast pace. It's a quite long Columbo movie with its 90 minutes of running time but yet the movie doesn't feel overlong or anything like that. The movie moves along fine and it doesn't drag.

James Read isn't really a great actor but yet he also isn't among the worst Columbo 'villains'. His character is still strong and interesting enough for the movie.

I liked watching it, despite all of its weaknesses.


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