(Review originally written at 29 February 2008)

This is a great and enjoyable Columbo movie entry in the long running series of Columbo movies. It's slightly even better than the average Columbo movies.

I liked the movie its style. Director Hy Averback (Hy?) did a great job with it! You can really tell by its that this is a '70's movie. Having a typical '70's atmosphere has never harmed a movie, so that's a real positive thing.

Because the movie its story is set in the world of art, the movie features a whole bunch of quirky characters, which of course makes the movie also really pleasant to watch. This time the only quirkiness doesn't come from the Columbo character alone.

Actually the story is not that much special in its core and the killing itself and the whole plan around it also isn't among the best or most ingenious ones but the movie is greatly paced and due to its style and plenty of humor this movie is great watch.

Despite the fact that the movie doesn't really feature any big names in it, besides Peter Falk himself. it really doesn't hurt the movie, since the actors portraying the main characters in this movie are obvious capable ones. Ross Martin plays a great role as the movie its murderer. It's quite a good character as well. A great match for Lieutenant Columbo.

Yet another greatly watchable Columbo TV-movie.


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