(Review originally written at 6 August 2008)

I don't really know what it is with Ted Post and Columbo movies but the two movies that he directed are also both (this one included) among the least likely ones. Their stories are not really believable. In his first Columbo movie "Columbo: A Case of Immunity" there is an unbelievable story of Columbo trying to solve the murder committed by a person with diplomatic immunity on a premises were the LAPD simply has no jurisdiction and in this movie the in Mexico stranded Columbo is called in by the Mexican police to help and solve a murder committed on the bookkeeper of a famous former matador.

Oh well it doesn't mean that his two Columbo movies aren't good and fun to watch but it obviously also doesn't rank them among the best Columbo movie entries. It's a movie that still features the usual successful Columbo formula, making this still a perfectly watchable Columbo movie obviously.

It's not the first time Columbo travels to a strange foreign country and gets mixed in with a murder. It places the Columbo character once more out of his usual familiar environment, which of course provides the movie with some good comical moments, in which Columbo has difficulties adapting himself to the Mexican ways. He's also walking around in sunny, hot Mexico with his complete suit and trademark raincoat on.

Unlike most other Columbo movies, this one doesn't feature many well known actors in the key parts. Sure Ricardo Montalban has done lots of work for TV that he is known for but he's not really the star that usually plays the killer in a Columbo movie. It doesn't mean that he's horrible or anything like that in this but yet the movie still feels as if it could had really benefited from a better and well known actor opposite Peter Falk.

A slightly below average, though enjoyable, Columbo movie.


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