(Review originally written at 15 April 2008)

The movie is set in the cosmetic world. With that concept the movie is perhaps a bit ahead of its time but of course its a theme of all times. Over the centuries women always tried to look younger their age.

There is basically nothing wrong with this movie and it's a good average entry into the long successful running series of Columbo movies. No, it's nothing too special or spectacular but it features all of the right required elements. It's the reason why this movie is an average one but it's also the reason why this is such a perfectly watchable one.

The movie its concept and settings provides the movie with some good moments and characters. On top of that the characters are being portrayed by some fine actors. Martin Sheen plays the victim (he was also still a fairly much unknown actor at the time) and the excellent Vera Miles plays the killer. As icing on the cake, Vincent Price also makes his appearance, who was still very popular in the horror scene in the '70's. It's rather special to watch Vincent Price and Lt. Columbo in one shot together, interacting.

The movie is directed by Jeannot Szwarc, who is perhaps best known for directing the sequel "Jaws 2" and the less successful "Supergirl". He now spends his career directing successful television series such as "Without a Trace", "Cold Case" and "Smallville". Kind of funny that he has returned to his roots now, since he also started his career directing similar television series, from a totally different decade. Television series such as "Kojak" and in a way this movie also really fits in with those series. He's obviously at ease within the genre and knows how to tell the story in a short amount of time, with a good pace and also still some class. There is also some real subtly in the directing at times.

The movie has a decent proper build up and despite some minor flaws, which more has to do with the fact that the movie needs to restrain its own running time to just over an hour, the movie is a fine one. Of course things get rushed at times and not everything gets properly wrapped up but isn't that the case with basically every Columbo movie and other different crime series?

A fine watchable Columbo movie.


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