(Review originally written at 23 June 2008)

Well, this is basically an average Columbo movie in every way thinkable but since all of the Columbo movies are such of high quality and features a great and successful formula, this movie is also a perfectly good one to watch.

This is not the Columbo movie that features the best or most original story but it's even more a bigger shame that this also isn't among the fastest ones. The story is progressing quite slowly, which is also reason why this movie isn't among the most interesting or best Columbo movies to watch that are out there. On top of that, the movie also features some silly and just plain unlikely plot elements.

It features all of the usual Columbo ingredients you would expect. Thankfully this also means that it features some good relieving fun humor, of course all involving the unusual Lieutenant, who basically at times is like a child in the big world, although it of course also often is part of his act to gain the trust of his suspects by playing dumber than he really is, in order to get closer to them and getting his information from them. The killers are often underestimating the Lieutenant, which is often the reason of their downfall.

The directing is quite and average for a made for TV murder mystery. It's part of the reason why this movie never surpasses the level of average but its useful and effective directing for a type of movie such as this one, so it's not a big complaint. The director is Harvey Hart, a man who directed a total of 4 Columbo movie. I don't believe there are more directors who did so many Columbo movies. He did all of his work for the series from 1974 till 1976.

In this movie the role of the murderer is being played by George Hamilton, who is a great actor and also plays a good role in this movie. There is also a fine role from Lesley Ann Warren in the movie and of course Peter Falk is great as usual as the scruffy looking Columbo.

Average but perfectly watchable Columbo movie entry.


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