(Review originally written at 11 October 2008)

Biggest issue with this movie is that this time Lt. Columbo is up against 2 young college kids. No matter how hard they try and how cleverly they plan and execute the murder, they are of course no match for Lt. Columbo. He is out of their league and therefore this movie doesn't feel quite as solid as other Columbo movie entries.

But other than that, this really ain't a too bad Columbo movie. It sticks nicely to the usual formula and throws in some good and original moments of its own as well. It makes this movie a good watch, especially of course for the fans of the series. But unfortunately the movie also features some more silly and unlikely moments, even for a Columbo movie. Especially the way the murder is committed is just a bit far fetched. Some more realism couldn't had harmed this Columbo movie.

The movie perhaps doesn't feature the best storytelling out of all Columbo movies. It's a movie that progresses a bit slow and doesn't always take the most interesting approach. It seems to take a long time at times for the Lieutenant to make progress in his case. He plays around too much with the college kids and doesn't always do enough investigating and interrogation. He plays dumb basically throughout the entire move. But is perhaps also due to the settings and its main characters. A college might not be the best or most interesting thinkable playground for the Lieutenant.

Fun thing is that this movie again is featuring Robert Culp in it. An actor who has appeared in numerous other Columbo movies previously, as the murderer. This time he plays a rather small role but it's a nice and also relevant one. The movie doesn't really feature any other big actors, besides Peter Falk of course. Perhaps this is also what makes this movie nothing more than just an average Columbo movie entry.

A perfectly watchable Columbo movie entry but just not the strongest or most memorable one.


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