(Review originally written at 21 July 2008)

It's not the best Columbo movie out of the series but it's just as good and perfectly watchable as most other Columbo series from the long running series of fine movies.

The movie features some very long sequences, of which some are really too long. Some sequences just go on and on without getting swiftly to its point, while it easily could. Also not all of the sequences seem to be relevant for the actual movie and its main plot. The movie is also one of the longest Columbo movies made, with its 98 minutes. It doesn't make this the fastest or best flowing Columbo movie but its story still keeps the movie interesting throughout.

It also isn't the most clever Columbo movie in terms of the killer his plot and it isn't a Columbo movie with many twists to the story but it simply is a well written solid story that remains interesting throughout its characters and settings.

Having a candidate for senator as the movie its killer works out fine. It provides the movie with some tense sequences between the killer and Lt. Columbo, since Columbo is obviously somewhat reluctant at first of making accusations against such an highly respected man, that also above all things is his wives favorite candidate. And of course the senatorial candidate is underestimating the lieutenant.

The movie also features all of the other usual Columbo movie ingredients, including some good relieving humor. Perhaps a tad bit more humor than the usual Columbo movie but it's welcome.

The movie is also made great to watch thanks to its fine performances. Peter Falk is great in his role and he fits the part like a glove. Can you just imaging any other actor portraying the iconic figure? In this movie he is playing opposite Jackie Cooper, who is best known to the main public as Perry White from the Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve. He is really great and charismatic in his part and a worthy 'important' opponent for the lieutenant.

Simply another fine Columbo movie entry, of the usual high standards.


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