(Review originally written at 5 February 2010)

This movie is a real ridicules one with its story but at least he movie is a well made one, which still makes the movie a decent one.

To be honest, I really liked the movie during its first halve. The movie however then turns South pretty fast when so much ridicules is happening that you just start to loose interest. It's first halve was still mainly build-up, it's too bad that the pay off was not halve as good however.

None of the Children of the Corn movies have a real believable concept or story of course. The whole idea behind the movies is pretty tiresome but at least some of them still have some good horror moments in it. Fans of the genre shall therefore still somewhat enjoy this movie as well. The movie is being pretty good with its horror, which makes it all the more too bad that too little is actually happening in the movie, due to the fact that it just doesn't have a very good pay off, after its fine build up. You still feel that director Greg Spence understands the genre, so lets hope he'll do something good with it some day.

The previous entry in the series had Charlize Theron in it, in her very first movie role. Her role was about 15 seconds long however. This movie has Naomi Watts in it before she got famous. And yes, her role is much bigger. She actually is the main lead of the movie and she shows her talents. She makes her character a good one, while basically ever other young actress would had turned the characters into an annoying, helpless young adult, like you'll see in so many other genre movies like this. It also has Karen Black in it, who perhaps should had got a bit of a bigger role in the movie. There was plenty of room for it but for some reason they decided not to give her more to do in the movie.

It's a pretty well made and good looking movie, though you'll probably start to loose interest fast once the second halve of it kicks in.


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