(Review originally written at 28 November 2007)

It's not really a movie that forcedly tries to be funny but nevertheless a movie that's filled with silly and quirky characters and situations. This combination makes this a sort of an original as well as amusing funny movie.

But because of the many characters in the movie, none of them really get developed strongly enough, simply because there is no room for it. It makes the movie a bit of a shallow experience as well. That is what happens when you have a movie filled with an all-star cast.

But the movie is an extremely well made one, with some outstanding actors, which definitely saves the movie and still makes this a greatly and amusing watchable one. The movie is filled with many long and complexly constructed scene's. It's a very well directed and constructed movie, supported by some good camera-work and some great dialog, that for some reason doesn't always remain chronically. Mike Nichols once more really shows his skills with this movie!

The well known actors all helps to uplift the movie. I especially liked Anthony Perkins who was surprisingly good in a comical role.

It's a movie about madness and the whole pointlessness of war. It shows this well and in an amusing way. The story is cleverly written but again, it's also pretty shallow all. The movie gets is message across but I feel that it's not as powerful or effective than it could had been. The movie does get better about halve way trough, when things start to take a more serious shape.

Still it's of course a perfectly watchable and amusing movie to watch!


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