(Review originally written at 18 September 2008)

This is a rather messy movie, which also is no big surprise though considering the mess that was going on and off the set during the production of this movie. It took 6 directors and 10 different writers to complete the movie. On top of that the actors Peter Sellers and Oson Welles refused to work together, since they had a strong disliking against each other. A big problem, since there characters have to be in same sequences together.

The movie is named "Casino Royale" but basically this movie and story have very little to do with the original Ian Fleming novel. it seems pretty pointless that they bought the right to the Ian Fleming novel. Or perhaps they simply had to do so in order to get to use all of the official names from the Bond-series, since all of the usual Bond characters, such as Bond, M, Q and Moneypenny are present here.

Of course over the course of years there have been numerous movies spoofing the James Bond series but because this movie actually uses all of the official names this movie has a more 'official spoof' reputation and feeling over it. It doesn't make this movie better than other James Bond spoofs though.

You should mainly blame the script for it that the movie doesn't work out. It's a movie with such an incredibly messy story. Halve of the time the movie just didn't made much sense to me. If of course also doesn't help that the movie it's main character in name is played by many different actors, with different styles, in this movie.

It just isn't a very funny movie for a comedy. Basically only Peter Sellers and Woody Allen mange to put some fun into the film but their roles are rather limited compared to others. Also as a spoof of the James Bond-series this movie isn't exactly good or striking enough. Other movies have handled its James Bond spoofing elements far better.

This movie can go down in history as the biggest waste of talents involved. Besides Peter Sellers and Woody Allen, the movie also features Orson Welles, David Niven, William Holden and John Huston among many other great and well known actors. The movie is also filled with cameos from some well known '60's figures and also actors.

A messy, unfunny movie, that is one big waste of all of the talent involved.


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