(Review originally written at 20 January 2008)

The carry on movies just aren't know for being subtle and are filled with sexist and sexual orientated jokes. The fact that it's a '60's movie and all of the men are ugly 40-50-60 year old, who are chasing young beautiful women in their 20's or early 30's makes the jokes and movie as a whole even more dirtier. These sort of movies were quite popular in the 60's and 70's and there are quite some British movies such as this one. No way a movie such as this one could had been made in the United States at the same time. As a matter of fact you still can't really make a movie such as this one and get away with it. I sort of like this boldness and totally political incorrectness. It's so wrong that it actually becomes funny.

"Carry on Camping" is of course a movie with loads of hits and misses. It also is often so bad and cheaply made that the movie becomes funny because of its amateurism and simplicity. A real campy comedy!

It has an incredible disjointed story-line, that features loads of characters, who don't really share any connectivity, aside from the fact that they are on the same camping. It sort of disappointing when looking at the story-lines they came up with. I am convinced even I myself could had come up with better and more funny ones and so could you have! I mean, the movie focuses on the dreadful thing called camping. This concept screams for more and better thought off jokes, no matter how stereotypical they all would had been.

It's quite disgusting to see these ugly over 50 year old (Sid James was 56 but looked 66 and Charles Hawtrey was 55 chasing these well formed young girls that are in the prime of their life. And the girls are all more than happy to let all these guys get in their tents and take their clothes off at every possible occasion. It's so wrong to watch! But maybe also very funny because of that.

So, this really isn't a great or greatly made movie. Nevertheless I still always enjoy watching these sort of 'carry on' type of movies because of its very amateurism and silliness-factor. Long life political incorrect movies!


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