(Review originally written at 18 June 2008)

It's amazing how many trash Eugene Levy starred in during his early career. He is now a well known comedy actors, mostly thanks to his role in the American Pie movies but it's quite amazing that he ever became a big actor once you see the stuff he starred in at the beginning of his career.

It's also even more amazing to think that this movie is directed by Ivan Reitman, the man who later brought us the movies "Stripes", "Ghostbusters", "Dave" and the more recent comedy "My Super Ex-Girlfriend". Only his trademark comedy style can be seen back in this movie. Furthermore this movie doesn't show much of Reitman's talent, which is also do of course to the movie its really bad script (also partly written by Ivan Reitman himself) and its obvious very limited money and resources. The movie lacks some good editing cuts and camera position among many other things. The movie looks like a bad '70's porn, without all of the sex (but with the nudity). It's a real amateur like looking movie.

Despite having comedy elements in it, this movie above all is a serious horror attempt from Ivan Reitman. Luckily he soon discovered his talent more lays at the comedy genre, or else we wouldn't had ever had the fine and classic comedies he made later in his career. But how can you even really regard this movie as an horror film, when it has so little gore (well, at least for a cannibal flick) in it and no scares at all.

The movie basically has a non-existent story that is hard to follow because it just doesn't make an awful lot of sense all. You'll have a hard time understanding when the movie is in flashback mode and when it's set in real time and what's real and what's not. It's the sort of script that makes you wonder why they even decided to shoot it in the first place. It's a confusingly bad made movie, that often makes you go; 'What's going on here?!'. This movie is not at all what you could and should expect from a cannibal flick.

It's just not an awfully interesting movie to watch, since too little interesting is ever happening in it. It's not even interesting as a study of an early Ivan Reitman movie. There is really no reason why you should ever watch this bad '70's flick.


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