(Review originally written at 1 March 2011)

Though this game is definitely all good and fun to play, I'm still disappointed with it. It just isn't anything that special or groundbreaking. I see it actually as a step down from the previous Call of Duty series entry; "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2".

This just wasn't a game that I wanted to keep playing constantly and was anxious about seeing what would happen next with the story. You could say that I just wasn't that much into this game, which was also really due to its much praised story.

First of all; there are too many cinematic moments in this game. It's filled with cut scenes that go on for too long and even has a level in it in which you can do nothing, other than going from point A to B, while the occasional flashback hits your character. Also some of the game it's cinematic aspects, when the game-play changes, are just plain silly and pointless. Press this button to help open a door, press this button to drive your car forward, press this button to fire your engine. It's not like anything is going to happen in the game when you're not pressing that particular button, so why even put such a thing into the game. They give you like a false sense of freedom, while the game itself is being pretty linear and straightforward with its game-play. You can't explore certain levels or rooms but have to go from point A to B contently, without goofing around.

But secondly of all, the story is just too confusing and complicated to follow. Perhaps it was because I really wasn't interest or following the story for the first half of the game because I simply wanted to shoot and blow up stuff, in some nice looking environments. But the story just seemed a bit too overwritten to me, with all of its movie characters, that are also being voiced by some big name movie actors (Sam Worthington, Gary Oldman, Ed Harris, Ice Cube, if that one can count as well). It's a game not a movie! Yet all in this game its story seemed to be written for one. It just didn't worked for me, combining a seriously written and complicated story with some mindless running around and shooting at everything that moves. Besides, the story itself is being quite silly once you start analyzing it too thoroughly.

Throughout the game you are playing multiple characters, during several different time periods and different continents. Some well known events and people pass through in this game. It makes it a very variated game. The one moment you're crawling in the Vietnamese jungle, while the other you're fighting the Nazi's with the Russians, during WW II. It's a nice way to make your game feel original and very variated but quite frankly it didn't mattered that much to me who I was fighting as, at what location and what for. It was all more or less simply being more of the same anyway.

It also really doesn't matter that much which weapons you're using in the game. They all seem to have the same effect and there is no real point at building up a good arsenal anyway, since every level you're starting with different new weapons and even during the levels themselves you'll occasionally loose, or forcedly switch your weapons anyway.

The graphics and maps all look quite good but again; it just isn't anything groundbreaking. Also the way the levels play out are being pretty formulaic, though I have to say that the game gets insanely difficult to play at times. I even had to see the game's difficulties lower at times to pass a certain point in the game. Also a real annoying complaint, next to all its well known bugs and issues, is the fact that sometimes I had no idea what to do. At times the sound effects are being louder than the voices and occasionally there would appear a pop-up on the screen for literally about 2 seconds that say what you HAVE TO do, while I'm still being busy running for cover and just playing the game.

I hope I'm not sounding too bitter about this game, since it's still a good one and also one I enjoyed playing for most part but it just isn't anything too new or original to play. As far as shooters go; this is simply being just one of them. Not the best but also definitely not the worst.


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  1. Thats bs. Black ops was one of the best, and the story was great. It was really thought through and insightful. And the zombie mode was great. You ask for a game with no objectives where you run through a fancy map and kill a ton of people, and that is what multiplayer is for. The story mode has a whole lot of action, and the level where you "go from point a to b" with the clips was one of the coolest levels I had ever seen. Just because you can't pay attention to anything for ten seconds that isnt blowing up or dieing over and over just makes you a manchild/waste of space