(Review originally written at 26 December 2006)

It's no big surprise to say that Laurel's & Hardy's movies for the Twentieth Century-Fox aren't their best. This movie only confirms that. "The Bullfighters" is a decent entertaining movie but it's lacking in anything refreshing or magical, like in all of the other earlier movies always was the case.

It's probably true that Laurel & Hardy should had stopped before the '40's. After that their humor became outdated, less original and it didn't come across as natural but seemed forced instead. It was like Laurel & Hardy were playing a parody of their old selves in that time period. It sounds perhaps a bit too harsh, also considering that their movie from that period were all still pretty entertaining to watch.

As a standalone movie, "The Bullfighters" is a pretty decent movie to watch but as a Laurel & Hardy movie, it's a pretty bad one by their standards. The case of mistaken identity in this movie has been handled far better in the past and it doesn't work out halve as hilarious as it could have. The movie is lacking in some good original and refreshing humor and hardly features any slapstick, just some good old tit for tat routines but that really is about all. The movie offers plenty of entertainment but it doesn't all come over as terribly clever or new.

The movie its very simple story also doesn't help. The movie also features many characters that hardly serve any purpose in the movie at all and only make the movie unnecessary confusing. The same goes for some needless plot lines, like the boys being two private detectives.

The movie does have its good moments and its amusing ending also makes up a lot, although it comes a bit too late to completely make- or save the movie entirely.

Too simple and not refreshing enough to really leave a lasting impression but entertaining enough to watch, nevertheless.


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