(Review originally written at 25 July 2009)

Well to be honest I expected to perfectly like this movie, since it certainly seemed quirky enough, with a ridiculously fun concept, worthy of cult-classic potential. The end result was far from satisfying though and "Bubba Ho-tep" remains nothing more than just a mildly entertaining movie, that is fun enough to kill some time with but also nothing more than that really.

The movie was surely lacking in some good comedy. It's a movie that will make you smile at its best moments but it never becomes a hilarious one, though its concept would certainly suggest that this movie would be a criminally funny one to watch.

The movie relies mostly purely on its two main characters but foremost on the Elvis character, played by Bruce Campbell. Quite frankly, he was just great in his role. He certainly was a convincing elderly and fun Elvis but without ridiculing the real life person himself. It was of course also fun to see Ossie Davis in this as the old JFK but just not quite as great and entertaining as Campbell was. He was also given considerably less screen time, probably also due to his old age at the time. He was in his mid 80's already at the time of this movie. he died just 3 years later after this movie.

The main idea of the movie remains good, the execution of it all however is quite weak, Problem with this is also the movie its script. It's a simplistic script, that mostly relies on its main idea and the two main characters solely. It's kind of like and old Abott & Costello horror/comedy crossover but without the good comedy really.

The movie should get some credit though. It was made on a shoe-string budget and sort of became an unexpected hit, mostly because of its cult potential and presence of Bruce Campbell in it. It has a certain Sam Raimi kind of ring to it all but I wish I could say that I liked this movie just as much as a Raimi cult-horror.


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