(Review originally written at 2 September 2008)

This is simply a fine enjoyable movie, despite not making an awful lot of sense to me with its story. I wouldn't quite call this a screwball comedy, even though it is listed basically everywhere as one and the movie is basically one big heap of strange and unusual but funny circumstances.

To be frank, the story and the way it progressed doesn't make much sense to me. Why on earth does Huxley keep seeing Susan, although he obviously doesn't like her too much and all she ever does is getting him in trouble. And why does he ever take all those things Susan says to him and asks of him. She's too wild and uncontrollable for him.

Cary Grant began his career with movies like this but ended up getting later more serious roles, for which he now days is also still best known, though always with a certain comical undertone. Katharine Hepburn is exactly known for her comical talents but she pulls of more than alright in her role. She had a lot of training prior to starting and during the filming of this movie to get her comical timing right, which paid off obviously.

The movie goes from the one strange situation into the other. This is basically all that "Bringing Up Baby" is all about. It doesn't exactly make this the best or most well written comedy but it obviously doesn't prevent the movie from being an enjoyable one. It's a movie that almost constantly entertains and the acting performances also make sure that the movie works out with what it tries to achieve, without ever getting tiresome or lame. It features some moments that will surely make you laugh.

An enjoyable movie from director Howard Hawks.


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