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Another fine example of '70's movie making at its very best and a typical case of; 'They don't make them like this anymore'.

The movie might not be as gritty or realistic as with other '70's genre movies was the case but it has other different qualities. "The Boys from Brazil" is mostly an entertaining movie but with a serious story. Very much like also always was the case with WW II movies they used to make in the '50's and '60's such as "The Guns of Navarone". It was really a movie I enjoyed watching.

The movie has a great and original and intriguing story about some old high Nazi's who fled to South-America, under the command of Dr. Josef Mengele, setting a plan in motion to establish a new Fourth Reich. Without giving away too much, it's an insane plot that features cloning. It perhaps is the first movie that handles cloning in such a serious and common way. It in a way also really makes the movie its story at least 20 years ahead of its time.

Every movie should get excited seeing Laurence Olivier and Gregory Peck in one frame. Their confrontation at the end is a real classic in my book. Some real power there and director Franklin J. Schaffner exploits this very well!

Leave it up to Laurence Olivier to convincingly play a character with a thick heavy accent. Perhaps his best roles involve characters with such heavy accents, this movie included. It was also refreshing for a change to see Gregory Peck in an evil villainous role for a change. The movie also has a solid supporting cast with actors such as Denholm Elliott, Walter Gotell, Rosemary Harris, Richard Marner, James Mason and Steve Guttenberg. It was really weird seeing Steve Guttenberg, who is known for his role in the Police Academy movies, in an '70's classic movie!

The musical score by Jerry Goldsmith was totally surprising and great! It also helps to give the movie that typical kind of '70's movie atmosphere.

It has some great thriller, science-fiction and drama aspects in it, all blended very well together. It makes "The Boys from Brazil" also certainly an original movie to watch. The movie offers surprises, tension and chills and has some great actors in it, uplifting the movie. Perhaps the movie works so well mainly thanks due to the actors, who play some heavy characters so extremely well.

Another essential '70's viewing.


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