(Review originally written at 18 July 2009)

I once came across the trailer for this movie and ever since it just wanted to see this movie badly. While the movie was perhaps not as good as I had hoped it would turn out to be it still is a pretty good and certainly odd post-apocalyptic movie.

I kind of like post-apocalyptic movies, since they often have a certain odd thing over it. The atmosphere, the settings and everything around it are often kind of surreal like. "A Boy and His Dog" also has all of this in it and some more as well. The story and characters are all quite odd in a eccentric kind of way and the movie often takes place in some surreal surrounding. It makes the movie an unusual experience to watch, though without ever getting too 'arty'.

Thing is though that the story isn't always very consistent to follow. The movie can basically be divided in 3 totally different parts, taking place at different locations and with also different characters involved. It begins well, than the movie becomes kind of slow and dull in the middle and than things start to life up again when the movie reaches its oddest point. It doesn't make the movie very coherent though, which is the foremost reason why this movie can't really be regarded as a great and classic one. It still has become a bit of cult-classic and it perhaps even already was on at the time of its release, due to its style. It has nothing to do with '70's film-making style or anything. The movie is unique on its own in basically every aspect.

Because of the disjointed story the movie isn't always compelling enough to follow. You'll often loose interest, also since the movie obviously isn't always an easy one to follow with all of its oddities. Neverhteless I wouldn't had minded seeing the movie taking its oddities one step further.

The movie has a very young Don Johnson in it, as the movie's main lead. He was really great and also hard to recognize, due to his young appearance. He is of course best known for his "Miami Vice" role. Also Jason Robards plays a nice and enjoyable role in this movie.

Some good, odd, unique entertainment!


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