(Review originally written at 13 February 2008)

This movie really ain't anything too spectacular but it's a pleasant enough western to watch.

It's a pleasantly slow going movie (which western isn't?) and takes it time to set up things and characters. Granted that it doesn't have the most interesting story or main character but it's all good enough to maintain your interest throughout. It's not a movie that bores, even though not an awful lot is happening. So just don't expect any long big gun fights or anything of that sort. It's a pretty 'innocent' sort of western.

It doesn't have an all too common main story for a western, which is also involving domestic violence and an horse race, among other things. This is a sort of a 'pleasant' change and approach to the genre. It works out original, since the movie starts off as your typical revenge flick but in the end the story has a whole lot more in it. It however on the other hand at times also means that this movie isn't the most interesting the genre has to offer.

Guess it's a sort of a pointless redundant movie to watch but when you do watch it you most likely won't be bored or regret it, especially of course when your a fan of the western genre and western's from the '40's/'50's in particular.


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