(Review originally written at 9 September 2008)

OK so "The Boondock Saints" is a "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" wannabe, like so many other films but in this case it's a good wannabe that definitely entertains.

It's definitely not a movie to take serious, even though it still picks a gritty and realistic approach. This is typical for recent British film-making and something they master. This production is American though and also made by an American director but it still uses this same typical distinctive British style with also British actors and characters in it. The end result in this case is a light-hearted, entertaining movie, that is professionally made.

Not sure if I really like the main story of the movie, which glorifies violence and killing but it provides it with some nice and original sequences. It picks an original approach by sometimes using action flashbacks of what happened when the police investigates the crime scene, while still focusing on the linear storyline. This is a spectacular and original approach which often works out surprising as well as awesome. I think its approach is the foremost reason why "The Boondock Saints" works out so well and gives it its own identity and style.

The movie is also really made great and interesting by the fact that it has Willem Dafoe in it in a great role. Seriously, I feel like it's one of the better roles out of his career. Couldn't care more or less about Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus really, who play the main leads of the movie. Billy Connolly also plays a fun role, although his role is much smaller than you perhaps would expect.

A perfectly entertaining movie to watch.


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