(Review originally written at 29 July 2010)

Over the years several 'The Body Snatchers' movies were made. Non of them were much alike really and they are set at different places with different characters each time. This version of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' is certainly not as bad as its reputation and as a matter of fact is actually a quite good genre movie on its own.

This time events are taking place at a military base. The concept is still the same though, in which in alien invasion takes place by letting mysterious pods replicate and killing human bodies in their sleep. The pods look like an exact copy of their victim but of course they are not. In my opinion the story behind 'The Body Snatchers' has always been one of the most original and best ones, concerning movies dealing with an alien invasion.

Its concept provide the movie with plenty of tension and also mystery, especially when you have not seen a 'The Body Snatchers' movie before. This particular movie version does also handle its concept well. It's not as great as the previous two movie version of it but it still has plenty of good moments and originality of its own in it. It's certainly better and way more exciting to watch than the 2007 movie version, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

I still wished this movie had some of those great actors in it. There are some good actors in this movie but they play secondary characters, such as is the case with R. Lee Ermey and Forest Whitaker. The main parts are being played by some big unknowns, who aren't really charismatic or likable enough. A missed opportunity.

A good, different version of the well known story.


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