(Review originally written at 18 May 2008)

You can have good actors, a great crew working on the movie and more than enough money to do the things you want to but when you have a bad script it all ends and a movie just can not work out.

"Blood Crime" has a bad written script. Well, perhaps bad is not the most correct word to use since the story is more just an highly unlikely one. You just never get sucked into it because it all and the way the story progresses seem so highly unlikely. You can say that I even was a bit annoyed by the movie its story at times. It isn't credible and has some gaping plot-holes. Seriously, when your name is Preston A. Whitmore II you should be writing some better movies than this.

Because the story isn't much good basically nothing really ever works out in the movie. Sure the movie has James Caan in it but this really doesn't make this movie any more good or interesting to watch.

You movie you can really easily do without.


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