(Review originally written at 26 April 2007)

Before you even start watching this movie you just know that this is not going to be a very good or tense genre movie, so expectations shouldn't be to high before watching this movie. If they aren't, you'll probably be surprised by the fact that this movie is not totally unwatchable.

The story, the monsters, the effects, it's visual look, the locations...all really aren't that bad but yet the movie does not work out. It's not a real bad movie to watch but it's just that basically nothing really interesting or tense occurs in the movie. The movie is like one big build up to nothing and in the end it falls flat as an horror movie. The movie has the look but not the feeling of a good horror movie. A wasted opportunity, since this movie had definitely more potential in it.

The concept of the movie doesn't sound like anything solid but it's well written and the story is well brought to the screen by Peter Svatek, who does it with style, unlike some of his other less talented business colleagues operating in the same genre. The story and monsters of the movie are all quite enjoyable. And all this due to Dutch incest! Crazy! Somehow I have the feeling that this little story element was Rutger Hauer's input.

The movie is really not that bad, at least not halve as bad as the current rating here would suggest. The rating here suggest that this movie is an horrible fake looking Z-movie, like they used to make in the '50's. I mean I've seen worser genre movies than this, also with a significantly higher budget. This movie still has some entertainment value and is not completely unwatchable and even recommendable to the fans of B-horror movies and Rutger Hauer.

It is the uncrowned king of the B-movies, Rutger Hauer, that puts down the most interesting character and his acting is like 5 times better than any of the other actors in the movie. The story of his life. But once you really start thinking about it, is his role really necessary? He seems to be only in the movie because well, he is Rutger Hauer! The role seems to be specifically written purely for him. But who is complaining about it really.

Obviously just watchable for genre fans only.


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