(Review originally written at 3 January 2007)

The movie has a good comical premise; A well educated but without any life-experience adult, who has lived all is life in fallout shelter, goes out, into the big world for the first time in 35 years. Having grown up in a '60's environment, he of course also runs into some big differences in language and morals. It's a real good comical premise to create a fun movie with. For most part "Blast from the Past" is also a fun movie but not halve as good and entertaining as it could had been if it had used a different approach.

The movie begins as a comedy almost entirely set in the inside of a fallout shelter, that looks almost exactly like a real house and also has its own supermarket and fishing-pool. The main characters of the movie are being played by Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek. However the second halve of the movie entirely focuses on the 'son', played by Brendan Fraser, in the big wide world, with Alicia Silverstone as his love interest. It makes the movie so that it can be divided into two separate parts. It does make the movie disjointed and also not the best to watch comedy around.

The movie its premise does offer the movie plenty of comical opportunities. At first it handles this well and it provide the movie with some of its best and most fun moments, when the Brendan Fraser sees the 'world' and everything that is in it for the first time. Yet later on the movie lays its emphasis entirely on the love-story, which does makes this movie nothing more than just another typical and also predictable genre movie. A waste of the good comical potential this movie its premise offered.

The acting is still top-class. Brendan Fraser is actually a real great comical actor that can make his character likable as well as believable, without ever going too over-the-top with it. But yes, it's definitely true that the best roles of the movie are being played by Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek. They are great actors and play their characters subtly hilarious. The movie is filled with some good written comical characters and some good lines to let the fine actors deliver.

It's a movie with a couple of hilarious moments and also some great lines but its romantic-comedy approach doesn't really make this movie as original and hilarious as it could had been.


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