(Review originally written at 23 February 2009)

I don't like all of Takashi Miike's movies but I found this one to be pretty enjoyable, despite it being quite an odd movie. But well, that's just Miike's thing, so be sure what to expect before watching this.

Miike's handles all kind of different styles and themes and blends them together into this movie. It has lots of crazy characters, a bunch of violence and also a large amount of sex and nudity this time. This gets all combined with its absurd story, that strengthens all of its other themes, making this an odd as well as an unique viewing experience.

Despite all of its heavy visual themes, with violence and sex, the movie is above all things also strangely entertaining to watch. Miike puts in his trademark comedy, that often makes this movie a light and pleasant watch, despite all of the heavy things that are happening on screen. He knows to put in the comical touches at the right place and at the right time.

Of course it often is a hard movie to understand and follow because of all of its unusual themes and not so every-day common characters. It therefore also really isn't a movie for just everybody but if you are willing to give this movie a change with a clear mind and don't try to think too much about it all, until afterward when things start to seem to make more sense to you, changes are you might end up enjoy watching this movie.

It's a movie that gets better as it progresses. At first it all is one big blur to you but later on things start to clear up more and you're able to understand some of it's themes and intentions of Miike. Everything starts to come together to you and suddenly what normally seems strange now seems perfectly normally, once you're drawn into Miike's world.

A movie worth giving a go.


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