(Review originally written at 27 December 2010)

There are several things that can make a great comedy. You could, for instance, have some effectively planned and executed comical moments, a cleverly funny written script or some amusing characters that can make your movie. "The Big Lebowski" is however a movie that has this all in it.

When watching a Coen brothers movies you always know that you are going to get something special and unique. Their comedy style and just overall way off film-making are very distinctive, which is not in the least also due to the fact hat besides directing and producing all of their movies, they also write and edit them themselves. So all of their movies are really being their movies, with some exaggerated characters, dark comedy and violence and lots of eye for detail with its filming, as well as with its writing.

Thing that catches immediately the attention about this movie is how incredibly well written and layered the movie is. Just when you think that they can't possible throw in another story-line, with different new characters, they do and it also manages to work out well for the movie, which is all the more a great accomplishment. There is really a lot going on in this movie, even though its main character itself is extremely laid back and manages to get himself into trouble by basically doing nothing at all.

Yes, the Dude makes this movie what it is and also makes it work out as well as it does. It's a great character, who basically seems like a left over product from the '70's and has made no attempt to adapt himself to the 'new' world or just normal society in general. He simply does his thing, which is bowling, driving around and having the occasional acid flashback. It's good that there are guys like him being around, who go against the flow and simply follow their own path. Not to be a rebel but just to simply do only the things he wants to and simply life his live without worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. Yes, Jeffrey 'The Dude' Lebowski has grown into an iconic character already, which of course is also thanks to Jeff Bridges performances of him.

But the whole movie is being filled with some real great and memorable comedy characters. All of them are quite over-the-top, which suits the world the Coen brothers create with their movie. It really has a dream cast and what is it with John Goodman and the Coen brothers, who always seem to bring out the best from Goodman. John Goodman always seems at home within a Coen brothers movie, no matter what type of role he ever plays.

The movie does not only handle its comedy extremely well, it's also simply technically a very well made movie. The directing is truly great and it uses all kinds of different techniques and tricks, which help to give the movie a very special, warm and amusing type of atmosphere.

But yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, my opinion, man.


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