(Review originally written at 31 August 2008)

It's not a horrible movie, just one of those movies that will leave a redundant impression. It's a movie you can easily do without. Disappointing, since I always heard good things about this movie.

Somewhere in this movie there is a story about police corruption and a faked gang-war but it all feels so disconnected and not developed well enough that you just never start to care about any of it. The movie is mostly about the Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin romance. I wouldn't say that the chemistry between them is anything too great, also since their entire romance seems to be sex-based above anything else really. Not really the actors fault of course, since they are obvious capable ones. The movie just perhaps didn't had the greatest casting.

Dennis Quaid seems to pick up and drop his New Orleans accent randomly. It's annoying when he in the one sequence speaks with a fat accent, while in the other he speaks in his own way.

I blame mostly director Jim McBride. He's also a director that just never broke through and mostly works for TV productions and directs music clips. The directing makes the story looses its focus on its main story, which often just drifts away. It has as a result that nothing ever really fully works out in the movie, including its climax. But the worst thing about the entire movie was its action. This seriously was some of the worst action and definitely action-editing it had ever seen in my life. It's the sort of stuff that will make you laugh instead and makes you wonder; now what the bleep was that? Like Ed Wood had risen from the grave.

The movie gets mostly saved by the fact that its a rather light one, with light characters and dialog, which makes sure that the movie for most part remains an enjoyable one to watch, despite all of its flaws and weaknesses.

Just not a movie I would like to watch again.


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