(Review originally written at 20 December 2007)

This is a real pleasant animated movie, that doesn't really stand out, but surely will give you a good time while watching it.

Because Jerry Seinfeld is foremost a stand-up comedian, a lot of jokes in this movie are also verbal ones, rather than visual ones. It makes this movie a little different from the usual animated one, of which so many get released these days. Not of course that there are not any visual jokes, there are still also plenty of those and as well some typical cartoonish slapstick like moments.

Some plot lines are introduced but they are not wrapped up properly or just abandoned after a while. It makes the movie its story, especially in the second halve, a bit of a disjointed one. As if they were just still chronologically coming up with the story during the animation process. Same goes for some of the characters. As the movie progresses some of them are being introduced as new 'big' characters but then suddenly disappear again out of the story completely without making a relevant enough addition to the movie as a whole.

Just like the previous Dreamworks animated movie "Madagascar", the movie it's animations aren't among their finest in the field. It's at times a pretty simplistic looking movie, without too much details or complicated shots. It's as if Dreamworks only wants to spend some real money and their expertise on the Shrek-serials.

Still pretty amazing how many well known people lend their voice to this movie. Also some people you wouldn't expect it from such as Barry Levinson, Sting, Oprah Winfrey and Ray Liotta in an hilarious cameo as himself. But above all, it of course still is a Jerry Seinfeld movie. Also John Goodman and Patrick Warburton plays some fun parts. My only wish would be that Patrick Warburton's role was just a bit bigger.

Not the sort of movie you'll still talk about 10 years from now but I simply had a good time while I was watching it.


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