(Review originally written at 8 September 2007)

This is an enjoyable enough movie to watch and to kill some time with but its not on par with most of the other animated Batman movies.

I was slightly disappointed by the animations. Normally they try for a full length movie to give it a bit more flair and drawn out details. This movie just simply looked liked an extended "Batman" TV-series episode. I also didn't really liked Dracula's look. He was way too monstrous looking. How can you take this guy for a respectable gentleman that goes by the name of Alucard (weak, dumb, overused), in his human form?

The fight sequences between Dracula and Batman are pretty nice to watch, since Dracula has far superior powers as Batman. It shows how vulnerable Batman is and that makes his character very humane and realistic, unlike many other 'super-heroes'. The choreography and action animation in those sequences are also really fine. Yes, the acting is really the best thing about this movie.

I really hated the musical score and I missed the Batman theme in it as well. Wasn't Shirley Walker available?

The story isn't that much interesting. I mean Dracula's tomb lying right underneath Gotham City and all...Some real lazy writing in this movie. It's a pretty cool concept and all, Batman versus Dracula (voiced by Peter Stormare) and couple of vampire minions and the Joker and the Penguin (though you can wonder what the purpose of those two in the movie is) but I just feel that the execution could had been a better one. The story now instead sort of feels like a modern update of the whole Dracula story. It's a story thats handled much better in the "Blade" movies, to which this movie obviously shows some resemblance as well. Pehaps a bit too many and obvious ones for my taste. No, there isn't really much originality in this movie.

Watchable, but certainly not an highly recommendable one.


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