(Review originally written at 14 January 2008)

What can I say, they really overdid it this time. The previous Basket Case movie was still a fun self aware silly movie but this movie really crosses the line. It's just plain bad and embarrassingly forced silly, without the fun and entertainment level of the first sequel.

And then there is the story. Well, there really is hardly any story this time. It's just a lame excuse for Frank Henenlotter to show more of the evil Bradley twins and more of their freaky looking friends. It's definitely a simple story. It's like they didn't even really tried, though I do admit some of the dialog was highly amusing.

The first movie "Basket Case" was still a horror movie, while "Basket Case 2" was more like a horror comedy. "Basket Case 3: The Progeny" on the other hand is a full-blood comedy and simply for most part has abandoned the tension and gore the previous two movies still had. There are still some gory moments but they mostly are part of the humor and camp of the movie.

But still because of the reason that this movie is a completely silly one, the movie remains still far more entertaining and watchable than just the average B-horror movie. Therefor you just can't really regard this as one of the worst movies ever made. Still I'm glad that this is the last (as of yet) Basket Case movie.


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