(Review originally written at 10 January 2008)

The first "Basket Case" movie looked like it was made on a shoe-string budget. It also featured some horrible acting and directing. But director Frank Henenlotter obviously had learned since and gained more experience. The movie is more consistent this time, also in its pace.

There was obviously some more money to spend this time, compared to the first movie. The movie is overall more professional looking and so is the Belial character. There is more movement and detail in the guy. It's professionalism also makes this an overall more effective genre movie.

Luckily the movie obviously also doesn't take itself very serious, which in the end also is this movie its strongest point. It knows it's ridicules and it actually exploits this by putting in more ridicules new looking characters and silly moments and dialog and the actors also seem to be totally aware of this. It's also a reason why this movie is a totally pleasant genre movie to watch. It knows it's a B- and cult-movie and it doesn't resists against it. Not in the least of course due to the later success and cult following the first movie received.

Kevin Van Hentenryck is still as horrible as ever before in his acting but they cleverly resolved this by putting in way more characters this time, so the entire focus of the movie this time isn't just upon Duane and Belial. It also lets Duane act more as a psycho this time, which also allows Van Hentenryck to do his bad overacting and make him get away with it.

The story is of course silly but it also still is a notch up when compared to the first movie. It's at least more layered, also of course due to the fact that there are more characters in it this time. But no, overall you can't really call the movie anything more than just plain silly. Fun but silly.

Supriningly much better than the first movie, due to the fact it was made with more money and people involved and because the movie luckily doesn't take itself serious at all. It makes sure that you as a viewer also just can't take it serious at all and therefor lets you sit back and just enjoy the ride!


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