(Review originally written at 13 August 2007)

I couldn't believe how bad this movie was. This movie is a sort of a fan-favorite, mostly because of the reasons that this is an incredible trashy movie, so I expected some good old fashioned poorly made but yet great entertainment. In that this movie most certainly didn't disappoint. It's one of those movies that's almost so bad that it becomes a good one but not fully so I'm afraid.

The movie is incredibly cheap looking, with bad sound recording and dubbing, simple compositions, almost entirely hand-held camera-work and lots of fake '70's blood. The movie was obviously made on a shoe-string budget. The movie really has some laughable bad looking sequences, mostly involving the Belial character going berserk, including some really bad stop-motion effects. The weak acting makes the movie seem all the more cheap. Most of the actors never worked again after this movie, or even before this for that matter. Really, who are all those people? But the people involved in this movie were definitely creative with its horror- and gory moments. The director obviously has some passion for the genre. Some great creativity here. Lots of these sort of movies were made in the '70's and '80's all over the world. More than enough for the genre fans to watch in a lifetime.

The movie has a real cool and also original horror concept. The story itself is of course quite silly and extremely far fetched but also all the more original because of that. It in all fairness really deserved a better execution, or at least an higher budget. That way this movie would probably also be a better known one and would it also be more appreciated.

It's a movie that is filled with some great horror moments and some very gory killings. So plenty here to enjoy for the fans- and to make this is a memorable B-horror movie.


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