(Review originally written at 24 March 2010)

The concept of this movie sounds far more awesome and interesting than the eventual movie really. It's such a slow moving movie that does too little with its potentially great story and mystery and tension of it all.

It still was a good movie to watch though, that obviously got made with lots of talent involved. I loved some of the movie its compositions. The entire movie is set in a very little town and in essence it really can be seen as a 'modern' western, since it's actually being set in 1955 but still features the same type of atmosphere and flow of story-telling as some of the old movies that got set in the old wild west. Perhaps I was just expecting a bit more entertainment from a John Sturges movie, the man who also brought us "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Eagle Has Landed", among many other great movies.

The story of this movie is still a great mystery but the way it gets presented is just far from interesting. It's all being told very slow, with some long static sequences in which characters just constantly try to provoke each other. It's also a movie in which is mystery is just too mysterious for too long. For too long we don't even know who the main character of the movie is and what he wants. It makes it hard to really ever get into this movie.

It's a movie with an impressive cast, that is filled with great actors from the old days. Spencer Tracy is the main lead and also actors such as Robert Ryan, Walter Brennan, Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine make their appearances. Spencer Tracy was a guy that always looked old, so when he finally got 'really old' he looked even worse, as is the case within this movie. Perhaps he was a bit too old far his role in this movie but it's hardly a complaint, simply because he was such a great actor, also in this movie.

Not a very great or interesting movie to watch but it's still a very well made one.


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