(Review originally written at 24 June 2008)

Seriously, Schumacker Halpern Overdrive? Now, that's not a name is it?

OK, so the movie is not as horrible as you would perhaps expect and the movie definitely has its entertainment value but it's also a quite bad, standard, low budget, cheap looking, B-horror movie.

The movie makes a couple of fatal mistakes. Such as the fact that the identity and motive of the killer are given away too fast. This of course completely ruins this movie its tension and mysterious elements. But obviously the film-makers aim was more towards its comedy and other less serious aspects. In a way the movie also does entertaining especially with its comedy and some of its characters but its simplicity and amateur like style of the movie prevent this from being a real good watchable one.

Of course the movie is also very predictable. You just know who is going to die and when. It's one of those real typical genre movies, that recently seem to have become popular again.

Even though the movie is only 85 minutes short, the movie still feels way too long and the movie becomes real tiresome to watch after a while, since it basically is constantly more of the same all the time, also since basically the entire movie is set at one locations, probably for budgeting reasons.

Everybody seems to can make good gore these days but very little directors know how to handle- and make it work out effectively in a movie. Yes, this movie has some good looking gore but it just never knows to shock or gross you out, due to the overall amateur like style of film-making and just plain overall atmosphere of the movie.

All of the actors in this movie never seem to have starred in anything else before but it needs to be said that for a genre movie such as this one. Too bad that Bay Bruner can't act though. too bad since she plays one of the most importantly crucial characters of the movie. It kind of ruins some of the movie its sequences and therefor also negatively effects the movie as a whole.

Not exactly anything too recommendable.


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