(Review originally written at 15 March 2007)

This American WW II time propaganda movie tells about the invention of the jeep and the everyday use of it by the American army during WW II. The end result is an interesting to watch short film, that also works quite well educational.

Not trying to sound like a big history buff but I know quite a lot about WW II and its weapons and vehicles of its time. Nevertheless, it wasn't until this film that I really fully started to realize- and appreciate the importance of the jeep and what a quite revolutionary invention it was, for its time. Let's face it, without WW II the jeep would had probably not had been invented for another 10 or 15 years. War always brings new inventions, that are revolutionary and in many ways ahead of its time. The jeep is really one of those revolutionary war-time inventions.

This short film shows the jeep in full action and shows for what purposes it all can be used by the army. I still learned some things I didn't knew yet. It all is told and explained from the point of view of the jeep itself. It might sound childish perhaps but it works really well.

Instead of having a 30 minutes+ long documentary with lots of talking, this is a fast paced only 9 minutes short documentary that tells you everything you really want to know and it does this in a rather light and amusing way, without ever loosing any of its informing and educational value. The short running time and its pace also makes sure that it keeps you interested for its entire duration.

The film also features a whole lot of military, royal and Hollywood celebrities driving the jeep, to once more- and to extra point out the importance, reliability and usefulness of the vehicle.

Great light educational, little short, WW II-time film.


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