(Review originally written at 15 February 2008)

Giant leeches? Who comes up with this sort of stuff? The moment Roger Corman's name pops up in the opening titles, a lot gets explained.

Roger Corman is involved in all of this as an executive producer, along with his brother Gene. Corman made dozens of these type of B-monster movies and other Z-grade non-sense, while he also made some great movies in the '60's. What a weird career this man has had and still has, since he's still alive and kicking and is active in the business.

The movie cuts to the chase immediately as it starts of. No questions are being asked, no introductions are being made, boom! There he is, a giant leech, he's big, he's ugly, he's incredible fake looking. It's just so silly. Of course it all is more laughable than scary or anything.

The movie is very short (just over an hour), so no wonder it cuts to the action right away. So really don't expect any story or proper character development. It's however not as if, if the movie was any longer and some more effort was put into the story that this would had really been any better movie. The concept is just so silly that it never could pass the level of poor.

It's a typical '50's B-monster movie, with a bad script, actors and fake looking monsters. In that regard this is a great film to watch for the lovers of these type of movies. And as far as bad movies go, there are far worse movies to watch out there.


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