(Review originally written at 27 March 2007)

The movie had the right atmosphere and certainly the right actors to make this a good genre movie, only problem is, nothing ever happens in this movie! The movie is clearly a thriller but the movie does never gets tense and lacks in good thriller moments.

The movie has a good and tense mysterious atmosphere at first but the movie does nothing further to exploit this after its opening. For too long nothing really happens in the movie, also because the husband in fact really isn't acting that weird and suspicious as before the accident in space. Certainly not enough to become afraid of him and not even the ending of the movie can really change this.

The reason that this movie also doesn't work is because the motivations aren't clear. It makes the entire story and movie feel rather pointless and makes it unclear. Also when the wife learns that her husband is possibly an alien, she doesn't investigate but she is in constant denial. Is it tense and interesting to watch a character who is in constant denial? Of course it's not. Not even for a paranoid kind of atmosphere also because we as the viewer already know that something happened and went wrong with the husband. It all makes the movie quite ridicules to watch, though it's definitely a professionally made movie with some good acting in it.

We get to see Johnny Depp in a role and movie we normally wouldn't see him play. It seemed like Johnny wanted to play a villain for a change. He does this will and his acting deserved a better script to go with it. Charlize Theron also shows her skills, in a movie before her real years of fame and awards. There also are some good supporting actors in some much smaller roles, such as Clea DuVall, Gary Grubbs, Joe Morton and actor turned director Nick Cassavetes.

The movie is a typical genre movie and I was happy and satisfied enough to give this movie an 6 out of 10 rating but then came the ending. What an horrible and totally weak ending it was! It downgraded the movie and even made it more ridicules than it already was.

No wonder Rand Ravich never directed or wrote a theatrical movie ever since.


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