(Review originally written at 29 December 2010)

This is not an exaggerated or over-the-top screwball comedy but more one that amuses with its cute story and characters. This all is also where the movie is getting its charm from.

This movie is some good old fashioned entertainment, that is maintaining to watch throughout. It has a simple concept but likable story, that also works out due to its characters and actors portraying them.

Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine were a great screen-couple. They were cute together, more than anything else. Next to that, they are obviously two more than capable actors, who help to carry the movie and its story along. Their characters are both also well written ones and not some typical perfect Hollywood type of characters. They feel more real and very natural. It helps to make the movie a warm one, with a charming feel and atmosphere to it.

The movie is mostly being amusing for its first half. After that the movie starts to become more serious and somewhat more dramatic. It's a bit of a shame, since it seemed to me that the film-makers were having difficulties trying to find the right balance between its comedy and drama during its second half. The movie its second half was definitely being less entertaining and also less interesting to watch, also because you of course already know half way through were this movie is heading to and how it is going to end.

But other than that, it's still a movie that I liked watching throughout and is one that I can recommend whole heartily to everybody. But what else did you expect from a movie directed by the great Billy Wilder.


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