(Review originally written at 11 December 2010)

Seems to me that the foremost reason for this movie being slammed and hated is because it pretends to be a sequel to the 2000 fan favorite "American Psycho", while it in fact has basically nothing in common with its predecessor. But to be fair, it's being a pretty standard and just not that interesting genre flick that is not being better but also not much worse than the average genre attempt though.

It really is quite ridicules that this movie, with its title, presents itself as a sequel to the unexpected successful hit movie "American Psycho". Not only because the two movies seem to have very little in common and focus mainly on totally different characters and story-lines but it seems also unlikely that the writers of this movie had even seen the previous movie or read the novel it got based on, or else they would have known that all of the Patrick Bateman references would had been totally impossible to make within this story. And I say this without spoiling too much about "American Psyhco", in case you haven't seen that movie yet but If you have seen it already you should know what I'm talking about. Naming this movie 'American Psycho II' is an obvious cheap trick from the studios to cash in some more on the success of the first movie. Perhaps originally the story for this movie was never intended to be a sequel to "American Psycho" but got picked up and underwent some minor changes to get filmed and released under the title "American Psycho II: All American Girl". I wouldn't be at all surprised if this turned out to be the case.

So all of the hate and bashing seems justified and is brought on by the studio itself but when looking at this movie with a fair and unbiased look, there isn't that much to hate about it...Well, that's not entirely true, since I was incredibly annoyed by the movie its music. Not only just by the horrible songs that got featured in it but also really by the original musical score, composed by Norman Orenstein.

No, this movie really isn't much special but it's certainly still maintaining enough, not in the least because it isn't taking a too heavy or serious approach with its things.

Yet the movie never surpasses the level of average either, which is mostly due to its uninteresting story but also uninteresting and unlikely character motivations. It makes it also hard to get into the character and sympathize for her. It makes the whole movie quite of bland and a distant one to follow. Seemed that the actors were still trying hard but its predictable and uninteresting story made it impossible for them to make more out of this movie.

It's definitely not worthy of its title but it's not worthy of its horrible reputation either.


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