(Review originally written at 22 April 2008)

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I've seen my share of '50's B-movies, with Martians, insects, crab monsters and giant leeches attacking but let me tell you, this movie really isn't among the worst, even though it basically follows the same formula as any other '50's B-movie.

As you would expect the movie follows a very simple story about an army colonel who slowly transforms into an amazing colossal man, after an atomic explosion of course. Still the story works out since it picks a more emotional approach rather than a spectacular one with the amazing colossal man smashing buildings and throwing cars (it happens, though not until the very end of the movie.). Instead the movie remains more humble and humane, filled with emotions involving around the main character, who is broken inside by the man who he has become. This might seem boring to some but it in fact is its original approach of the story which makes this such a fine movie to watch.

The movie uses some really great non-static camera-work, which was quite surprising, especially considering the time period the movie got made in. Of course the special effects are nothing too special but it simply serves its purpose, which makes it fine and effective. Oh and yes of course the movie is also using a lot of archive footage.

The acting is also better than you would normally expect from a movie such as this. It's easily B-leading man Glenn Langan's most memorable role.

Much better than its title, or current rating on here would suggest it is.


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