(Review originally written at 15 January 2010)

This could had been a pretty good genre movie but instead it's a pretty average and forgettable one now. Just when you think the movie is starting to get more interesting it doesn't go through with it and the movie doesn't go anywhere really with its story.

Watching a movie like this always makes you think why did they even make a movie out of this. The story could had just as well been one for an average detective-series, for TV. There isn't really anything that makes this movie stand out.

No, it's not bad all to watch but it's also easily a movie you can do without.

The movie tried to give the movie some more style and class by making the movie it's visual look quite artistic at times, like lots of 'modern' Italian movies often do. It could had worked out if the shots had actually served a purpose for the movie but instead these sort of scenes would just irritate me because the movie was trying too hard at times. I just don't like it when a movie is trying to be constantly different but it doesn't actually enhance the movie its style or story.

It's also pretty much a movie by the numbers. The movie is perhaps lacking in some good surprises or plot twists and now instead also ends pretty disappointingly. The way the way story progresses also doesn't exactly help to make this movie a credible one or even not a compelling one.

Nothing too bad but the movie isn't really heading anywhere with its formulaic story and is not good enough with any of its other aspects to really stand out within its genre.


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