(Review originally written at 14 February 2008)

Most of the time it's not OK to like a Steve Martin movie, except for one of his early movies, of which this is one of those. However this movie really isn't as good as funny as people making it sound it is.

Basically, the movie was simply not funny enough. And it's not like my name is Grumpy. I chuckled only a couple of times but further more the movie only annoyed me with its stupid simple story and not really likable characters.

Not really Steve Martin's fault though that this movie doesn't work out as funny. He is really great as a half-man-half-woman, when a deceased woman possesses the right side of his body. He plays it convincing and funny and it's a pretty amazing job, the more you start thinking about it.

It also is not like I hated watching this movie, since it's basically a non-stop comedy that trows jokes at you, of which only a few are really effective.

I sort of hate this comedies with simple, stupid stories with no effort put into it. Most plot-lines also really don't get wrapped up properly. It also disturbed me how totally non-likable the characters were. Basically each character in this movie is a *beep* or a *beep*. How are you seriously supposed to care about them or what will ever happen to them. Especially Edwina Cutwater is not a character to love and so is also really the Steve Martin character, who cheats on his girlfriend, even after telling her he wants to marry her he still runs off with another dame.

Still worth watching on a rainy afternoon when you really have nothing else to do.


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